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      I went undercover in gun stores across Colorado and discovered blatant disregard for a law banning the sale of large-capacity magazines. I analyzed six years of judicial records and discovered 128 people have been charged and 12 sentenced for violating the large-capacity magazine ban.

     Finally, I managed the records process with police departments across the state. I discovered that the Idaho Springs Police Department accidentally returned two 70-round magazines back to a man who pled guilty to breaking the law. The series aired in November 2019.


     Millions of Americans are caregivers for loved ones and are often children. This documentary followed families across the nation as they helped their veterans heal.

     I handled logistics and ensured the success of shoots across the country from Alaska to Hawaii as a volunteer on this non-profit project. I r
equested and managed Freedom of Information Act requests.

     The documentary is streaming on Peacock, a NBCUniversal platform. A rough cut of the documentary aired in the Kennedy Center in November 2019.


    After an ordinance intended to wipe out illicit massage parlors in Aurora, Colorado was passed, I found they were able to easily reopen across city lines. I did this through a series of records requests from Aurora and connected the locations through business filings. 

     I also assisted with the production of undercover shoots and hired a Mandarin translator to help facilitate confrontations with the alleged owners of illicit massage businesses.   The series was published in August 2019. 

     In August 2020, the Denver district attorney announced an international human trafficking investigation built off our findings. Seven people and 12 businesses were indicted on 33 charges by a grand jury. 14 women were freed because of the investigation. 


      My group was chosen as the winner of the CBS News Intern Project by a wide array of executive producers.

      We accomplished this with our piece "Beyond the Veil." It's an in-depth examination of how Muslim women wear hijabs as a form of expression. I was the videographer and a producer. It aired on CBSN in August 2016.

      I helped Fox News with their coverage of the Concerned Student 1950 protests and the events that transpired at the University of Missouri campus during the week of November 11. I provided live coverage at multiple media conferences, took photos published nationally and got various reaction SOT's.

      I also helped coordinate coverage with Matt Finn, a national correspondent based out of the Fox News Chicago Bureau. I was able to give Finn the history of how it happened. Fox News owns all of the rights to the above video.


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