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     I found systemic loopholes in the way Colorado polices untruthful law enforcement officers. I found 15 officials who have a verified finding of untruthfulness from an internal affairs or criminal inquiry. All of these officers still have licenses to be peace officers elsewhere - if a department will hire them.

     I combined web scraping and months of blanketing the state with records requests to create the database that was the backbone of our investigation. I was the lead reporter on this collaboration and wrote the lion’s share of the web story. 

     The piece was published in May 2024 by Colorado Public Radio. I went on Colorado Matters, their flagship radio program, shortly afterwards to discuss my reporting.


     I found about one wheelchair or scooter was damaged for every 100 wheelchairs and scooters brought on board in 2022. I incorporated this finding alongside details from Julie Reiskin’s constant issues traveling in a wheelchair. Airlines have broken Reiskin’s wheelchair, crucial for daily life, at least three times.


     I built a robust database of airline assistive device damage from hundreds of pages of Department of Transportation records. The Denver Gazette published my findings, and proposed rule changes that would require airlines to take better care of assistive devices, in February 2024. 



     I am regularly commissioned by PetMD to write pet profiles of various dog breeds so pet parents know how to keep their healthy fur children stimulated and healthy. I delve into the care, history and quirks of each assigned breed. These are two examples of my deep-dives. My Lagotto romagnolo profile was published in July 2023 and the German wirehaired pointer piece was published in October 2023

    A law firm that has investigated sexual harassment claims at major companies (CBS News, WPP, The Metropolitan Opera, etc.) faced similar allegations itself. Does this create conflicts of interest? I pitched in research for this NBC News piece in May 2018.

      I supplied the DotCom division of Fox News with information and quotes to supplement the broadcast coverage of the University of Missouri protests. My work was featured in this Fox News story in May 2016.

   I wrote thousands of words on what I wish I knew when I started creating 360-degree videos. I wrote a three-part series on what I took away after months of testing the Ricoh Theta S, a 360-degree camera, and publishing videos on various news websites. The first part discusses shooting tips. It was posted by the technology website "Tom's Hardware" in April 2017.

    This piece was the second part of my recommendations for how to create 360-degree videos. Here, I talked about time-tested methods of how to edit 360-degree footage and post-production tips. It was promulgated by the technology website "Tom's Hardware" in April 2017.

    This article was the third in my how-to guide about best methods to create 360-degree videos. This section delved into the best publishing platforms for the medium. It was distributed by the technology website Tom's Hardware in April 2017.

    I wrote a feature story about some of the people behind the scenes of high school sports. This was published by The "Howard County Times," an entity of "The Baltimore Sun," in February 2013

     Above is a sports feature I wrote about Hannah Mansbach, a running phenom headed to the University of Maryland to run cross country. This was published by "The Howard County Times," an entity of "The Baltimore Sun," in May 2013

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