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Emerging technologies

   I was a reporter and research assistant for Mizzou Virtual Reality, a unit within the University of Missouri School of Journalism, for about a year. I produced work for the "Columbia Missourian" and have helped install a 360-degree dimension to the newspaper. I was a teaching assistant for an emerging technology course at Mizzou. I assisted students in their efforts to create their own 360-degree videos. I often found solutions to various problems my students ran into during the production process.

    A group of refugees from Africa meets weekly in the First Baptist Church in Columbia, MO, to praise God in Swahili and other tongues from their homelands. This 360-degree video takes viewers into a service to share the dance, song and praise of an exuberant African congregation -- just down the street from the University of Missouri. Pastor Nene Peter explains what the congregation means to him and the community. 

   I shot all of the footage and edited this. Clyde Bentley was the supervising professor.  


     The 2016 Presidential Campaign came through Missouri for the second debate. I was the supervising producer of this 360-degree experience. I assisted my students in shot selection and post production work. It was published by the "Columbia Missourian" in August 2016

     Experience what it's like to ride a 15-seat pedicycle in this 360-degree video. This is the first video of this kind for CBS Radio News.

      The story, published on the network's official Facebook and YouTube pages, tied into an hour-long special about summer that I helped produce. It went out to more than 500 CBS affiliates throughout the United States and Canada.

     I recorded footage with a Ricoh Theta S and edited with Avid.

   Mizzouthon raises money for the MU Children's and Women's Hospital. I created this 360-degree video to document final event, which is a 13.1 hour dance marathon. It was published in March 2016 by the Columbia Missourian and garnered more than 4,700 views on Facebook.

      Dr. Robert Kline explains what happens to your brain when you take Adderall. I used PowToons to animate my interview with him and edited the audio with Adobe Audition. I was the first member of the newsroom to use this storytelling strategy and shared best practices afterwards.

      It was published by Vox Magazine in April 2016 to accompany the edition's cover story

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