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    I worked with a team of correspondents and producers to create two special reports for CBS Radio News in New York City. "The Summer of 2016" was created for Independence Day and "America Works" was published on Labor Day 2016. They went out to roughly 500 CBS affiliates throughout the United States and Canada. 

    I booked guests for the shows, researched and gathered sound in the field. 

    "America Works" won a 2016 Sigma Delta Chi Award in the category of network syndicated radio documentary. from the Society of Professional Journalists and a 2017 National Headliner Award. My influence is noticible throughout the piece, but especially at the segment that begins at 7:57 and 40:00. Credits in the program begin at 47:37.

     You can hear my voice in the "Summer" special throughout the podcast. I utilized my love of ice cream in this segment.

    I was a general assignment and investigative reporter for KBIA 91.3 FM, the NPR member station in Columbia, Missouri. I pitched story ideas, conducted interviews and analyzed data for this March 2016 story.
   My favorite story was an investigation into the prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases in Boone County. I found that the rates of chlamydia infection doubled from 2000-2014 and were higher than the national average. 

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