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I am a valuable asset independently or with a team. I am available for hire for freelance needs like:


  • Writing -- Digital, broadcast and copywriting.

  • Research -- I dive deep into whatever topic is necessary.

  • Reporting -- I doggedly pursue leads with existing and new sources.

  • Data analysis -- I can run the numbers in R, SQL and Excel to provide new insights in a conversational way that's easy to understand. 

  • Fact-checking -- I make sure you get it right with my meticulous approach.

  • Records work -- I can unlock a world of information through my knowledge of international records laws.

  • Story consulting - Let's work through any roadblocks and identify possible solutions.

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"Zack is a dogged journalist who rarely takes no for an answer. If there’s a will there’s a way! Zack is quick to learn new ways of analyzing data and searching for findings in even the biggest datasets. His work has helped the 9NEWS team break big stories, expose wrong doing and prompt change."


– Nicole Vap, executive producer of content development at CBS News and Stations.


"When I give Zack a story, I know it'll be done, done on deadline, and done well. His work is thorough and well-researchedhe always gets it right." 


 – Claudia Guthrie, senior editor at Chewy.


“Zack’s not only eager to take on any job you throw at him, he gets the job done right and on deadline.”


– John Huber, senior producer at the Fox News Channel 

"Zack has a knack for data. Knows how to get it. Knows how to collect it. Knows how to fight for it. In this day and age, that’s invaluable."


– Chris Vanderveen, director of special projects at 9NEWS (KUSA-TV).


"Zack has excellent data-reporting skills and is a dogged reporter who will get to the bottom of things. I highly recommend him for any reporting project."


- Chris Osher, investigative reporter and editor for The Gazette and The Denver Gazette.

“Zack creates, hustles and always produces more than expected.  He asks the right questions and draws responses that make good stories.”

– Barry Bagnato, former CBS news correspondent.


“Zack has a real commitment to doing the job right.”

– Stacey Woelfel, former director of the Jonathan Murray Documentary Journalism Center at the Missouri School of Journalism and former news director at KOMU-TV. 


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