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Work Samples

Vivitrol gfx for web.jpg

     I pursued records for months from state health departments across the country that demonstrated the rise in spending on the opioid treatment drug Vivitrol. In Colorado alone, taxpayers spent 6,500% more on the drug from 2013 to 2018. The story was published in May 2019 and won a national 2020 Edward R. Murrow Award.


    After an ordinance intended to wipe out illicit massage parlors in Aurora, Colorado was passed, I found they were able to easily reopen across city lines. I did this through a series of records requests from Aurora and connected the locations through business filings. The series was published in August 2019.      

     In August 2020,
the Denver district attorney announced an international human trafficking investigation built off our findings. Seven people and 12 businesses were indicted on 33 charges by a grand jury. 14 women were freed because of the investigation.


      I went undercover in gun stores across Colorado and discovered blatant disregard for a law banning the sale of large-capacity magazines. I analyzed six years of judicial records and discovered 128 people have been charged and 12 sentenced for violating the large-capacity magazine ban.

     Finally, I managed the records process with police departments across the state. I discovered that the Idaho Springs Police Department accidentally returned two 70-round magazines back to a man who pled guilty to breaking the law. The series aired in November 2019.

dead baby 3.JPG

     I broke the story that it took more than double the average time for an ambulance to respond to the home of a dying baby. I coordinated interpreters fluent in sign language and Spanish in order to conduct interviews with the family. I also spent months persistently fighting for records to get a comprehensive understanding of what happened. The two-part series aired in June 2020 and led to an ongoing review of ambulance-dispatch processes.

     The 2016 Presidential Campaign came through Missouri for the second debate. I was the supervising producer of this 360-degree experience. I assisted my students in shot selection and post production work. It was published by the "Columbia Missourian" in August 2016

     Above is a portion of the "Summer 2016" special for CBS Radio News that I helped produce, book interview subjects, research and collect sound for. You can find the full special on the network's official Soundcloud page

    I also helped produce "America Works." It won a 2016 Sigma Delta Chi Award in the category of network syndicated radio documentary. Placement was decided by the Society of Professional Journalists

     After examining more than 700 pages of bus maintenance records, I found that some newer City of Columbia buses cost more to maintain than their older counterparts. This package led the 10:00 PM newscast in May 2016, which was during sweeps. I did all of the data work, shot the b-roll, wrote and edited the piece. 

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