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     Video has become a staple of television stations and online news organizations. This is why I am constantly honing my skills in the medium. I have experience as a one-man-band and am proficient in five video editing softwares.

      I was responsible for quickly synthesizing a wide scope of information into concise "one-sheets" while Andrea Mitchell's intern for NBC News. I helped Mitchell prepare for international trips to Asia and Russia, interviews with prominent politicians and for guests on her daily MSNBC show "Andrea Mitchell Reports."      

     Mitchell asked one of my suggested questions to Former Vice President Joe Biden. The full interview aired on MSNBC on 01/12/17.  


      I helped fact-check various aspects of Andrea Mitchell's "Nightly News" and "TODAY" pieces. I used deep web searching skills to find original documents. For instance, I confirmed the amount of money Former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn was paid by a Russian TV network for a speech and for consulting fees by a firm with ties to Turkey

     This package aired on "Nightly News with Lester Holt" on 04/27/17.

      I helped Fox News with their coverage of the Concerned Student 1950 protests and the events that transpired at the University of Missouri campus during the week of November 11. I provided live coverage at multiple media conferences, took photos published nationally and got various reaction SOT's.

      I also helped coordinate coverage with Matt Finn, a national correspondent based out of the Fox News Chicago Bureau. I was able to give Finn the history of how it happened. Fox News owns all of the rights to the above video.


      My group was chosen as the winner of the CBS News Intern Project by a wide array of executive producers, including 60 Minutes' Jeff Fager.

      We accomplished this with our piece "Beyond the Veil." It's an in-depth examination of how Muslim women wear hijabs as a form of expression. I was the videographer and a producer. It aired on CBSN on 08/12/16.

      I spent three months analyzing Missouri Governor Jay Nixon's acts of clemency. My findings upset several attorneys and advocates, who said most of Nixon's pardons overlook a large subset of Missourians.
   I wrote, shot and edited the piece using Avid NewsCutter and iNews. I also wrote a web story of roughly 3,000 words, with interactive graphics, that goes even deeper into the story. The investigation aired on KOMU-TV on 12/21/16.


     After examining more than 700 pages of bus maintenance records, I found that some newer City of Columbia buses cost more to maintain than their older counterparts. This package led the 10:00 PM newscast on 05/26/16, which was during sweeps. I did all of the data work, shot the b-roll, wrote and edited the piece. 

     You know you are being sold a drug when you see a commercial on TV, but what about in the doctor's office? I worked on this investigation of Columbia doctors for months with Michael Doudna. The package aired on 05/06/15.

    The USDA estimates that billions of dollars in food goes to waste while a portion of Americans go hungry. One group in Columbia aims to redirect this misuse. 

     I shot, wrote the web and TV script and edited this package. iNews and Avid were used to create the piece and it aired during KOMU-TV's 10 PM broadcast on 12/28/16.

     The Antlers can be seen at Mizzou Arena for every men’s basketball tipoff. I worked as an ESPNU Campus Connection Correspondent to learn more about the mentality of this elite fan group. The story was published on ESPNU's YouTube channel in March 2015. I researched, wrote the script, secured interviews, edited using Final Cut Pro X and shot all of the video with a Panasonic HDC-TM300 Camcorder.

      Dr. Robert Kline explained what happens to your brain when you take Adderall. I used PowToons to animate my interview with him and edited the audio with Adobe Audition. It was published by Vox Magazine on 04/21/16 to accompany the edition's cover story

     School districts in Mid-Missouri are weighing the pros and cons of four-day school weeks. I worked with a team to shoot the piece with a DSLR, edit it with Adobe Premiere and write the script.
     The story originally aired on KOMU-TV on 03/16/16.










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