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Work Samples

    I led the FOIA fight at ABC News for a "20/20" investigation published on 05/25/18. I spent months coordinating efforts to acquire criminal and court records from 30 major American cities.

    I discovered inconsistent national tracking of criminals on ankle bracelet monitors. There is a risk they may commit another crime. 50 murders were committed since 2012 by people wearing the device. The full scope of my work is displayed beginning of the segment at 27:08.

     After examining more than 700 pages of bus maintenance records, I found that some newer City of Columbia buses cost more to maintain than their older counterparts. This package led the 10:00 PM newscast on 05/26/16, which was during sweeps. I did all of the data work, shot the b-roll, wrote and edited the piece. 

      My group was chosen as the winner of the CBS News Intern Project by a wide array of executive producers.

      We accomplished this with our piece "Beyond the Veil." It's an in-depth examination of how Muslim women wear hijabs as a form of expression. I was the videographer and a producer. It aired on CBSN on 08/12/16.

    This web story accompanied my broadcast piece on of Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon's clemencies. My investigation found that only one person was freed from prison and most of the governor's attention went towards minor offenses.


    I created multiple interactive graphics to embed within the roughly 3,000-word article. It was published on KOMU-TV's website on 12/21/2016.

     The 2016 Presidential Campaign came through Missouri for the second debate. I was the supervising producer of this 360-degree experience. I assisted my students in shot selection and post production work. It was published by the "Columbia Missourian" on 08/11/16

     Above is a portion of the "Summer 2016" special for CBS Radio News that I helped produce, book interview subjects, research and collect sound for. You can find the full special on the network's official Soundcloud page
    I also helped produce "America Works." It won a 2016 Sigma Delta Chi Award in the category of network syndicated radio documentary. Placement was decided by the Society of Professional Journalists

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