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     Above are a few photos shot with my D7000 and iPhone 6. They include shots while on assignment in South Carolina for Vox Magazine, in Columbia for ESPNU Campus Connection, New York City for the Peoples Improv Theater and Israel on a vacation

     I'm enamored with photography and am the proud owner of a Nikon D7000. I aim to capture the breadth and beauty of where I am with my pictures. 

     I went to South Carolina on assignment to document some of the conservation efforts happening in the wetland areas. My photos and accompanying text piece were published on 04/15/16.

     I compiled my favorite photos that I took while in Israel and organized them using Thematic.

     I was a social media intern for The Peoples Improv Theater. I used photos taken with an iPhone 6 and social media to provide live coverage of shows and to create promotional material. In addition, I helped with an ESPNU social media campaign by taking photos of their iconic sign in various spots around campus.


The Peoples Improv Theater 

Below are some of the photos I took and gifs I created for the theater.

ESPNU Campus Connection  

Below are some of the photos I took for an ESPNU Campus Connection social media campaign. I took their iconic symbol around the campus and within Faurot Field.

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